FIESTA!!! International Festival of Latin American Music and Culture in Rome

Every summer, for the past eight years, the city of Rome is being obsessed by joyful and colorful appointments of music and spectacle not to be missed.

From 19 June and till 17 August 2008 the Ippodromo  delle Capannelle in Rome hosts the

fourteenth edition of Fiesta!: International Festival of Latin American Music and Culture!

Rome hosts this festival  for several years. I would like to say that this event has been really appreciated and followed by millions of viewers.  Come to Rome during this summer and prepare  yourselves to the rhythms of South American dances, performed by the best international artists.

This is Fiesta, a real village of Music and Culture of  Latin America in Rome, taking place at the Ippodromo delle Capannelle, on a surface of sqm, with an area of 7,000 parking spaces. The initiative was established in November 1996, thanks to an innovative group of entrepreneurs who decide to create something very unique and enthralling.

The programming of the music Fiesta! – 2008 is  being taken care by the artistic director Mansur Naziriche that has gathered a billboard full of artists and evenings – event in world’s exclusive. Among the novelty of the festival this summer there were the imagegroup Aventura on 10th July in world ‘s exclusive, Monchy and Alexandra

on the August 5th. For the traditional music instead you will find so many names  dear to Fiesta! as Charanga Habanera, Los Van Van who performed on July 1st, Oscar D’Leon, who performed on July 21st, Elio Revè, who  performed on July 25th, Manolito Simonet , who performed on July 31st, Maykel Blanco- on July 20th and many others.  But, please do not get desperate, you have not missed everything. Still there will be Samba Earth on August 10th from Brazil.image

Fiesta! will host the concert of "La Banda Nueva Generacion." The appointment is  scheduled for August 4 from 22 PM on Stage Latino  of the Ippodromo delle Capannelle (The price is 10 euros).
The group was founded in 1988,  and consists of Jose Luis Cortes,  its leader better known as "El Tosco."  Top figure of Cuban music of the last 10 years, precursor of Timba, and musician attentive to all musical influences, Cortes combines a solid musical training of orchestration of a domain that derives from previous experiences with "Van Van" and "Irakere"  groups of the decade  of the 70-80-ies. 
Ranging from rap to classical music, Brazilian rhythms to jazz and rock, "El Tosco"  and its banda are distinguished by a repertoire that addresses all Cuban rhythms with the same richness and rhythmic arrangements with insurmountable. "Nueva Generacion La Banda" was able to create their own unmistakable style and a popular success thanks to the skill of the musicians that make up the brass section, better known as "Los Metales of Terror", as well as bassist Feliciano Arango ‘ the great voices of Tony Cala ‘and even Issac Delgado before his  career as a solist.

Do not miss summer beats and join me in a mission of full immersion into Cuban music. Visit Rome and book with an Artistic and Nouvel Hotel in Rome- Yes Hotel, take your music and enjoy Roman summer at the Ippodromo delle Capannelle.