Few days ago I was working in the “Des artistes” Hotel reception when one of our guests came up to me, asking about a place near Rome, called Rocca di Papa. image

I was a bit surprised, because Rocca di Papa is one of the smallest villages in the area called “Roman Castles – Castelli Romani”, but is not really famous compared to the places like Frascati, Castel Gandolfo, Ariccia or Nemi.

Honestly I think that  this place is good for fresh air during the summer and for a beautiful panoramic view that you can have from there.

So I was perplexed to such a question.

The lady explained me that in Russia she saw a documentary about Rocca di Papa and its gravity force, telling me that there is a zone where if you throw down a ball, that ball instead of rolling down it rolls up!

I had a quickly search on the website because at that point I got really curious. How  it was possible that I’m a resident for almost 4 years the Roman Castles area and I’ve never heard about this strange phenomenon?


Now I’ll tell you what I discovered.

Actually it’s true that there is a piece of road close to Rocca di papa where if you kick a bottle down to the street or you put your car switched off in this descent, your car never go down but slowly will go up.

The stretch of  the road in question is short, about one hundred meters, and can be reached along the so-called ‘Via dei Laghi’ (on the road for  Castelli Romani). From Highway 218 Appia is deviated for Velletri, following  the Via dei Laghi and arriving at a quadrivio, dividing  in diverse directions. Taking the road to the right in the direction to ‘Ariccia’,  you find a descent, which then begins as a  ‘ascent’, precisely  at the point where this anomalìa occurs. But what is it?
imageIn this stretch of road, any object in the world curious tends to climb the slope or, if placed on the side reverse (downhill), it slowed down and even back.
Opinions are divided. Some think that it is an optical effect. The magnetism anomaly seems to be thrown away as an explanation. What I suggest to do is to come to Rome, as did our Russian tourist and go to Rocca di Papa and see with one’ own eyes this phenomenon. I heartly invite you to Hotel Des Artistes this summer as it is offers a plenty of marvellous offers. You can easily rent a car near Termini station at Maggiore national rental car agency, and off the road to unveil the mysteries.

See you in Rocca di Papa!