Italy is a country of contrasts,  and no matter how much you earn you will be always attracted by the beautiful shopping malls full of fascinating fashion shops and pretty products. Another mall, or commercial shopping center has been open in Rome these days. It claims to be the the biggest shopping center in Europe, claims also to be one of the most elegant and fascinating.

So, what is EUROMA2 ?

Well, tastes differ…I personally found it a bit kitch, and maybe too luxurous, maybe with a bit less of style than in times of Michelangelo, but it has a lot of positive and practical features too.

Euroma2Some historical outline of Euroma2 project. This mall makes part of Central construction plan that the municipality of Rome has sought  as a compensation in 2003 in the construction of parks  Volusia  and Pratone Valley in this area. Located in between the Pacific Ocean Avenue, by the Steet Cristoforo Colombo and street of Decima, apart from Euroma 2, there will be also be constructed two tower buildings designed by architect Purini, high around 120 meters, and will become a new headquarters of the Ministry of Health.

There will be also outlets for the house articles, electronics, sports and personal care shops. A beauty centre and a hairdresser alternate by an erboristeria, a laundry, and two jewellers, perhaps even Fendi. The shopping center will host  also a bank, Carifac, Cassa di Risparmio di Fabriano and Cupramontana.
The management of Euroma 2 is in the hands of the Scci, Société des Centres Commerciaux Inc.

So, let’s talk about practical sides of this shopping mall. First of all, in one place you will find 230 different shops, especially some brands that were not presented in Rome a year ago, like H&M are expanding their market in the central Italy and already have captured many hearts and pockets of Roman shopaholics. Also there are present Zara, Nuvolari, Oysho, Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear Ottics. chiabotto

This center has a large supermatket IPERCOOP where you can find a variety of products from agriculture to high-tech at very reasonable prices.These 230 different spots represent boutiques and restaurants situated on three stores, multilevel parking for 4000 posts. To cut the symbolic openning band was invited a famous show girl, ex Miss Italia Cristina Chiabotto

You will find a mega center of electronics TRONY, which was assalted by the customers on the openning day of the 23rd June 2008 with many and many incredible offers and discounts. And last but not the least…


July the 5th 2008 to August the 15th 2008

Openning hours Monday 12-22,

Tuesday-Sunday 10-22

If you are an architect, or an arts researcher (why not study masterpieces or monsters of modernity in cement and metal), or maybe  you are a raffinated shopper, who is in love with Italy and Rome, then your credo is Time is Money, and you value quality-price equilibrium solutions, then do not hesitate plan your trip to Rome, book fashionable YES Hotel by Termini Station, and then visit the Luxurous and Fashionable Shopping Mall Euroma 2.