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Few days ago I was working in the “Des artistes” Hotel reception when one of our guests came up to me, asking about a place near Rome, called Rocca di Papa. image

I was a bit surprised, because Rocca di Papa is one of the smallest villages in the area called “Roman Castles – Castelli Romani”, but is not really famous compared to the places like Frascati, Castel Gandolfo, Ariccia or Nemi.

Honestly I think that  this place is good for fresh air during the summer and for a beautiful panoramic view that you can have from there.

So I was perplexed to such a question.

The lady explained me that in Russia she saw a documentary about Rocca di Papa and its gravity force, telling me that there is a zone where if you throw down a ball, that ball instead of rolling down it rolls up!

I had a quickly search on the website because at that point I got really curious. How  it was possible that I’m a resident for almost 4 years the Roman Castles area and I’ve never heard about this strange phenomenon?


Now I’ll tell you what I discovered.

Actually it’s true that there is a piece of road close to Rocca di papa where if you kick a bottle down to the street or you put your car switched off in this descent, your car never go down but slowly will go up.

The stretch of  the road in question is short, about one hundred meters, and can be reached along the so-called ‘Via dei Laghi’ (on the road for  Castelli Romani). From Highway 218 Appia is deviated for Velletri, following  the Via dei Laghi and arriving at a quadrivio, dividing  in diverse directions. Taking the road to the right in the direction to ‘Ariccia’,  you find a descent, which then begins as a  ‘ascent’, precisely  at the point where this anomalìa occurs. But what is it?
imageIn this stretch of road, any object in the world curious tends to climb the slope or, if placed on the side reverse (downhill), it slowed down and even back.
Opinions are divided. Some think that it is an optical effect. The magnetism anomaly seems to be thrown away as an explanation. What I suggest to do is to come to Rome, as did our Russian tourist and go to Rocca di Papa and see with one’ own eyes this phenomenon. I heartly invite you to Hotel Des Artistes this summer as it is offers a plenty of marvellous offers. You can easily rent a car near Termini station at Maggiore national rental car agency, and off the road to unveil the mysteries.

See you in Rocca di Papa!

Etruscan Necropolises of Cerveteri and Tarquinia



Necropole Cerveteri

These two large Etruscan cemeteries reflect different types of burial practices from the 9th to the 1st century BC, and bear witness to the achievements of Etruscan culture. Wich over nine centuries developed the earliest urban civilization in the nothern Mediterranean.

Some of the tombs are monumental, cut in rock and topped by impressive tumuli (burial mounds). Many feature carvings on their walls, others have wall paintings of outstanding quality. The necropolis near Cerveteri, known as Banditaccia, contains thousands of tombs organized in a city-like plan, with streets, small squares and neighbourhoods.

Etruscan in Tarquinia


This ancient etruscan  site contains very different types of tombs: trenches cut in rock; tumuli; and some, also carved in rock, in the shape of huts or houses with a wealth of structural details. These provide the only surviving evidence of Etruscan residential architecture. The necropolis of Tarquinia, also known as Monterozzi, contains 6,000 graves cut in the rock. It is famous for its 200 painted tombs, the earliest of which date from the 7th century BC.

Bolsena lake near Tarquinia Among the most important tombs, the Tomb of the Measurement of the fourth century a. C. with stucco that represent moments, animals and objects of everyday use. It ‘a single room with dividers, niches, pillars and clearly defined areas for burials.


Etruscan Art near Rome

The Tomb of Capitelli, the sixth century. A. C. is fully excavated in tuff with access and two small rooms plus a central rectangular room that presents, on the bottom, three rooms.

The Tomb of Shields and Chairs sees its own six beds with pillows carved into the tufa which were used for the deposition of bodies of men, because women were placed in boxes to sarcophagus. There are also two chairs back with stools on which were raised two terracotta statues.

The Tomb of Five Chairs resumed type internal furniture with chair and stool, here they are, indeed, on which five were many statues. These statues had the function to welcome the deceased into the presenziando with them to a banquet.
The Tomb dell’Alcova consists of a single room quadrangular and dates back to the fourth century a. C.

Those areas are in easy reach from Rome and you can make it a day trip outside Rome.

Since it is conveniently located from the train stations a hotel in Rome such as Yes Hotel Rome is ideal !

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Golden Gala Athletics, Rome


Olympic Stadium Rome

Like every year, from 1980 Rome lights with the big stars of Rome  Athletics Golden Gala. A unique opportunity to see at the strongest athletes in the world, this year specially facing the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing.

Among the guests expected, confirmed the presence of Andrew Howe, the young Italian talent (but parents of African-Americans) that points on strong long jump and was able to win the international fame thanks to his performance but also with its exuberant sympathy and enthusiasm.

But the most awaited international visitor in Rome  is certainly Yelena Isinbayeva, the queen of pole vault for

Athletics Rome

women, able to retrace the footsteps of the great Sergei Bubka, between a world record to another.


Yelena Isinbayeva Rome 2007

Recall also that the Rome  Golden Gala is the third point of the prestigious Golden League, the series of meetings that connects won one million dollars for those who are capable of winning in his specialty in all six appointments.

At Stadio Olimpico

Via dei gladiatori, 2 Rome

July 11, 2008 from 19:45
Tickets: (which can also be used to receive information on the type of sectors, prices, promotions and outlets where you can buy tickets). If you call from outside Italy dial 0039 before the number.

How to get to the Olimpic Stadium in Rome : if you decide to stay in a central Rome Hotel such as Yes Hotel Rome, you can get metro line A and get off at Ottaviano (direction Battistini), then bus 32 and get off at Largo T Cadorna Ostello della Gioventù, then walk for about one kilometer.



Italy is a country of contrasts,  and no matter how much you earn you will be always attracted by the beautiful shopping malls full of fascinating fashion shops and pretty products. Another mall, or commercial shopping center has been open in Rome these days. It claims to be the the biggest shopping center in Europe, claims also to be one of the most elegant and fascinating.

So, what is EUROMA2 ?

Well, tastes differ…I personally found it a bit kitch, and maybe too luxurous, maybe with a bit less of style than in times of Michelangelo, but it has a lot of positive and practical features too.

Euroma2Some historical outline of Euroma2 project. This mall makes part of Central construction plan that the municipality of Rome has sought  as a compensation in 2003 in the construction of parks  Volusia  and Pratone Valley in this area. Located in between the Pacific Ocean Avenue, by the Steet Cristoforo Colombo and street of Decima, apart from Euroma 2, there will be also be constructed two tower buildings designed by architect Purini, high around 120 meters, and will become a new headquarters of the Ministry of Health.

There will be also outlets for the house articles, electronics, sports and personal care shops. A beauty centre and a hairdresser alternate by an erboristeria, a laundry, and two jewellers, perhaps even Fendi. The shopping center will host  also a bank, Carifac, Cassa di Risparmio di Fabriano and Cupramontana.
The management of Euroma 2 is in the hands of the Scci, Société des Centres Commerciaux Inc.

So, let’s talk about practical sides of this shopping mall. First of all, in one place you will find 230 different shops, especially some brands that were not presented in Rome a year ago, like H&M are expanding their market in the central Italy and already have captured many hearts and pockets of Roman shopaholics. Also there are present Zara, Nuvolari, Oysho, Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear Ottics. chiabotto

This center has a large supermatket IPERCOOP where you can find a variety of products from agriculture to high-tech at very reasonable prices.These 230 different spots represent boutiques and restaurants situated on three stores, multilevel parking for 4000 posts. To cut the symbolic openning band was invited a famous show girl, ex Miss Italia Cristina Chiabotto

You will find a mega center of electronics TRONY, which was assalted by the customers on the openning day of the 23rd June 2008 with many and many incredible offers and discounts. And last but not the least…


July the 5th 2008 to August the 15th 2008

Openning hours Monday 12-22,

Tuesday-Sunday 10-22

If you are an architect, or an arts researcher (why not study masterpieces or monsters of modernity in cement and metal), or maybe  you are a raffinated shopper, who is in love with Italy and Rome, then your credo is Time is Money, and you value quality-price equilibrium solutions, then do not hesitate plan your trip to Rome, book fashionable YES Hotel by Termini Station, and then visit the Luxurous and Fashionable Shopping Mall Euroma 2.