Federico Fellini

We will try to put his life in a few words and surely we will fail, nevertheless it is worth just to try. Federico Fellini lived a life full of passion, fantasy and dreams : all in all, a life full of … life. Since in Fellini’s vision the idea of ‘’fact’’ would be considered as incomplete, useless and untrue to say the least, that is why we can give some ‘’facts’’ made of words left from Federico Fellini himself so we can at least try to grasp better what kind of character the great man was. We will not talk about what it was, or what it is, but mainly what it seemed to be.

Federico Fellini

Born in a well off family in Rimini, Italy, Federico decided to move to Rome as soon as he could when he was not even 20. He wanted to be a journalist, although he had said to his parents he would be going to study Law in Rome…

It turns out that Federico Fellini’s relationship with Rome was strong and source inspiring and indeed he lived in Rome till his death in 1993. This relationship between man and city was immortalized in his famous movie ‘’La Dolce Vita’’ dated 1960. The term "paparazzi" comes from a character named Paparazzo in this film, who is a journalist photographing celebrities. The paparazzo was in love with Via Veneto and Via Veneto in love with him. The restaurant ‘’La Strega’’ located in Via Veneto, still keeps some photographs and memories of a good friend.

We are not going pretty much on dates, since time had a different meaning for him and eluded him somehow. Quote : ‘’There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life’’.

He worked as a circus clown (there is some of that in his films, along with the word felliniesque). One of his first writing jobs was the Italian language script for the Flash Gordon comic. Indeed he was a fan of Stan Lee the creator of Spiderman and Hulk…

Satyricon by Fellini

He was a successful film maker, his movies La Strada (1954), Le notti di Calabria (1957), 8 e mezzo (1963) and Amacord (1973) were Oscar-nominated for "Best Foreign Language Film". All 4 movies won. ‘’ In the myth of the cinema, Oscar is the supreme prize’’, said once.

Action was important not only on the screen, because ‘’ You exist only in what you do’’, and this sounds almost like a Zen philosopher if you ask me, so you could add this other very zen sentence also: ‘’You have to live spherically–in many directions. To accept yourself for what you are without inhibitions, to be open.’’

Fantasy and dreams are the main core in Federico Fellini’s world: ‘’Our dreams are our real life. My fantasies and obsessions are not only my reality, are but are also the essence of my movies” .


For this wonderful story teller fantasy just flows and takes different shapes and examples . However Fellini finds the unity that explains why: ‘’I always direct the same film. I can’t distinguish one from another’’. How can you make a difference when all is fantasy in motion?

Now, a piece of advice from Federico Fellini himself to all you guys: ‘’ Put yourself into life and never lose your openness, your childish enthusiasm throughout the journey that is life, and things will come your way.’’

Federico Fellini is buried in Rimini with his wife Giulia Anna Masina, who was an italian actress and featured in some of his movies too.

If you fly to Rimini, in Emilia Romagna, Italy you will notice that the airport is dedicated to the great Fellini.

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PS: Watch Fellini’s movies, enjoy the pleasure of imagination!

…. and for italian Cinema lovers do not miss the House of Cinema in Rome !