Coppa Italia 2008 – Italy Cup

On Saturday, May 24th 2008, a single-match final will be played at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome between Inter and Roma. These two teams will compete for the Coppa Italia (Italy Cup), an Italian football  yearly cup competition.


The first edition was held in 1922; the 2007-28 Coppa Italia is the 60th edition of the tournament.

The teams which win the trophy wear a “tricolore” cockade and obtain a Uefa Cup spot for the next season.

The teams which have obtained more victories in this tournament are FC Juventus Coppa Italia with nine wins, and AS Roma with eight wins. The clubs that will win the competition 10 times will be awarded a silver star (Juventus lies close with 9 wins).

In Italy, however, the Coppa Italia tournament is considered of minor importance by most teams which don’t field their best line-up, except for the final and semi-final matches; that’s the reason for which large crowds attend only the final game.

The final on May 24th will be played, like the three previous editions, between Inter Milan and AS Roma. Last year AS Roma beat Inter (6-2 in Rome, 1-2 in Milan), and they became cup winners for the eighth time.

Last year it was decided to make some changes regarding the format of the 2007-08 tournament; for example, the number of the competitors was reduced to 42 As Roma teams (only the teams which play in Serie A and Serie B, therefore no Serie C-teams); one more example is the elimination of the two-leg final, being replaced by a single-match final at neutral venue.

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Writer : Giuseppe