Blues Heart of Rome – BIG MAMA


Rome is a fantastic city, a city that will never annoy you… Probably its beauty and eternity is exactly  in its innate capacity to entertain people. It is entertaining with its great history, its glorious past, its difficult but adorable present, and, certainly its mysterious future. Rome offers you a lot of fun. Even very banal clerk office day is brightened by Rome’s sincere sympathy towards people. Before or after work one just can drown into existential thoughts of human destiny and beauty in the heart of mythic Trastevere, in Villa Borghese, in Villa Pamphili, or in the Roman Forums (the latter are not free any more sadly)… Yes, quite a long preface… But for what?

Such a long preface is to introduce you to a very special place for music lovers in Rome, for more than 20 years the real heart of Blues of eternal city. BIG MAMA. Located in the very heart of one the most roman of Rome’s quarters – Trastevere The place to listen the Blues(did you know that a real native Roman should be of the 7th generation living in the city and born in Trastevere?) BIG MAMA is a quite small, but a unique place. It is definitely one of the best and original places to listen to live music in Rome. It offers a vast gamma of genres, originality and quality are must in this place .

Mostly known as "Home of the Blues in Roma" BIG MAMA has daily concerts of different music: jazz, rock, ethno, songwriters and, of course, blues. During the last years BIG MAMA has been not only a place for listening but also a stage for new and young talents. Many of them now are well famous, in Italy and in the rest of the world. Popular singers like Giorgia, Alex Britti, or a leader of Tiromancino Federico Zampaglione have also started in BIG MAMA and till now are quite often guests here.

Logo Big MamaInternational stars, that have performed here are Jeff Healey, Archie Shepp, Allan Holdsworth, Mike Stern, Joe Zawinul and many others. The place where BIG MAMA is located resembles a cave, and small corridors lead you into various rooms until you reach the small stage on which the artists perform. It is definitely a must to visit at least one the BIG MAMA’s greatest concerts( about 200 held every year). BIG MAMA is very simplistic in its style, but very cordial in its atmosphere. It is a perfect place for a romantic dinner : they do have some good pizza, and good wine, add a lot of good music, and… she will definitely say YES to your proposal.Big mama's concert

I have enjoyed several concerts in BIG MAMA, and believe me, every time I left this place I had a feeling of pleasant joy and happiness, looking forward to my next concert at BIG MAMA.

Here is useful firsthand information on how to get to BIG MAMA, reserve a table and the just to enjoy the sound of music, which can heal our tormented souls. Many tourists and international guest of Italian capital who have visited BIG MAMA remained with an open mouth…of astonishment and just to sing along with the artists…


BIG MAMA – Vicolo San Francesco a Ripa 18 

-Tel.06.5812551 -Fax 06.5806497

BIG MAMA is in Trastevere, probably the most beautyful neighbourhood of Rome, surely the most romantic. The club has a cocktail bar and it’s possible to dinner (short menu).
BIG MAMA open at 9pm, show start at 10.30pm, close at 1.30 am
Nearest Car Parkings are in Piazza S.Francesco d’Assisi and Piazza Mastai, both a few meters from the club.
If you stay in a nice hotel near Termini Station, you can easily reach Big Mama by bus: Lines 75 or 170 (from Termini Railway Station); by_Tram: Line 8 (from Largo Argentina) Line 3 (from Colosseo); RadioTaxi tel. 06.5551 or 06.4994 or 06.6645
A membership card is required in order to enter. But do not be scared it costs only 8 Euros for a monthly card, or a year-long one will cost you 13 Euros. With the membership card you enter free of charge to the most of the shows. For some major events (usually one/two times a month) there is also a ticket charge, and sometimes the tickets are sold in advance. To reserve a table ( at no extra charge) please call Infoline +39.06.5812551 or fill in the form online on the website.Happy me at Big Mama