Ariccia and La Porchetta

Today I would like to talk with you about a small town, situated not too far away from Rome. ARICCIA!ariccia panorama

Even if Ariccia is a small town, it is possible to relax spend some great time  there, something different and extremely delicious: to eat some “porchetta” in a Fraschetta a place that you can find only in Lazio region.


Ariccia was a pre-roman village situated inside the area called “ Roman’s Castles”.



The origin of Fraschetta goes back to the times of ancient Rome when people who where travelling needed some place to have rest, eat, in other words to gain energy to continue travels, but it was only during the Middle Ages that this place acquired the name of Fraschetta. It takes origin from another local town, named Frascati.69A08-viticulturist

In fact, local viticulturists started to put fronds outside the doors to indicate the solace place and to let people know that the new wine was ready to be drunk. And so, originally, people could only drink there some wine and have some light snacks, like boiled eggs, but slowly the owners of these places started to sell bread and porchetta.

Porchetta is a very famous dish of Italian cuisine: the pork is staffed with aromatic herbs and entrails. I can assure you. It is really tasty! Yammiiiiii…..Mendoza Porchetta

Today the Fraschetta is a simple place where one can have a good lunch without frills, typical wine served in carafe and a lot of horse d’ouvre like: “mozzarella di bufala”, sausages, ham, onion, pepper, cheese ,fresh bread and porchetta. You will pay almost nothing for all this staff, and the portions are really big, so don’t exaggerate! Be moderate!

After that you can have homemade “Pappardelle al sugo di cinghiale” or “ Fettuccine al ragù” and finally some good Roasted meet.

Still some place in your stomach?

Wine again and Tozzetti….Here we go!

Enjoy your lunch!!!

And once you’re done with it, in order to digest all these enogastronomic masterpieces of Ariccia, why don’t you spend some time having a walk in the famous bridge of Ariccia or visiting Chigi Palace and Santa Maria Assunta, church designed by Bernini.

Why don’t go to have a walk in the Appia’s Park that comprises 15 villages and towns like Ariccia..

So, again, Enjoy the lunch and stay in perfect shape.