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Colle Oppio

Spring is in the air…..

Eventually there comes spring : the air is gently scented by flowers and fruit trees, the city of Rome is warmed up by the sun, all around everything takes on a different look.

Rome, my Rome in this period is magic, charming, unforgettable.

Everybody, once in their lives, must see this city during the spring when is not too cold and warmer enough to permit you to enjoy every single moment and make it last for ever in your mind’s eye.

I would like to suggest you something a bit different from the usual itinerary that most of the websites and agencies generally suggest to do once in Rome.



I want to talk about one part of Rome that more than often tourists don’t know: “villas” and parks.

This is a shame. Roma’s villas are beautiful and so relaxing, that it will be as if you were far from the noise and buzzing city !

Villa Pamphili is the largest roman park. Divided in 3 parts, palace and gardens, pinewood, estate, is the ideal place where to have an outdoor hamper.

Villa Mazzanti was built in the middle of Monte Mario park, and there you can take a stroll among luxuriant vegetation like laurels, holms-oaks, palms, pines, agaves.

Scipioni’s park is where you can admire the sepulchre of the Scipione’s family and the famous Pomponio Hylas columbarium with its fresco paintings dated as old as 1st century A.C.

The Colle Oppio’s park, located behind the Colosseum, with the ruins of Traiano’s bath has been forsaken during the middle age and later on during the modern time inserted in the “reserved monumental zone”.


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