Renoir in Rome


Terrasses à Cagne

If you are planning to visit Rome between March the 8th and June the 29th there is a special Rome Exhibition in the Roman Forum where over 130 paintings by the great Auguste Renoir are on show and you may also want to take advantage of our new Yes Hotel Rome for your stay !

The exhibition does not exactly deal with the classical work of the painter Renoir, but rather is a collection as a result of the feelings expressed on canvas inspired by a visit to Italy in 1881 .

Auguste Renoir noticed the Raffaello creations and decided to make an experimental approach on a style focused on the line and the contour of the shapes.

The Renoir Exhibition in Rome is aimed on the analysis of this period and is hence named ‘’Renoir, la maturità tra classico e moderno’’, which translated means ‘‘Renoir, the maturity between classical and modern’’.

About Renoir ( Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

Born in Limoges, France in 1841, his family settles in Paris in 1845. At the age of 13, he began painting flowers in a porcelain factory and taking drawing classes.

In 1860 he meets Claude Monet, (another daddy of the impressionism movement).

His direct influence from Monet made his technique evolve toward little brushstrokes using vibrant colors, leading toward impressionism. Monet and Renoir worked closely and shared new techniques and new subjects.



But it is during the 1870’s that Renoir’s techniques reach their peak. He participates in impressionnist exhibitions in 1874, 1876, 1877 and 1882 and becomes a founding member of the review "L’Impressionniste" in 1877.

Around 1870 Renoir painted "The Swing" and the ‘‘Bal at the Moulin de la Galette’’. His technique is now firmly defined with a masterful rendering of movement and facial expression.

Bal au Moulin de la Gallette
Later around 1880 Renoir meets Aline Charigot, who in 1890 becomes his wife. He portraits Aline in the ‘‘Luncheon of the Boating Party’’ that took him several months to complete. This was hard work both in composition and technique, in reaction to his friend the writer Emile Zola ‘s (1840-1902) critique who said that the impressionnists would sell "sketches that are hardly dry". In this painting he pictures the specificity of a contemporary moment of 19th century leisure on the Seine.


In 1887, he completes ‘‘The Bathers’’ a group of nude female, recalled in the history of modern painting in their representation of feminine grace, and his great ability to depict the texture of skin.

Piazza Venezia and the Vittoriano
During the last two decades of his life, Renoir suffers from arthritis. Unable to move his hands freely, he strapped a brush to his arm in order to paint.

On December 3rd, 1919, Renoir dies at his house in Cagne.

Renoir Rome Exhibition:

When? You can visit it from Monday to Thursday, from 09:30 till 19.30, Friday and Saturday from 09:30 till 23:30, on Sunday from 09:30 till 20.30. The entrance fee is 10 €.

Where ? On Via San Pietro in Carcere, where the Complesso Vittoriano stands.