RBS Six Nations, Rugby in Rome

2008 RBS 6 Nations Launch, London,  January 23, 2008

Rugby in Rome, Stadio Flaminio

The greatest sport passion in Italy is the football (say calcio in italian and you are likely to strike up an animated conversation), however of lately  the rugby has become more and more popular with each passing year and tournament, and as a proof was the entry of Italy as the 6th nation in the famous tournament which used to be the RBS 5 nations !

The Italian Rugby Federation was created in 1928.

Six Nations Tournament is a competition which was created in 1883 in unofficial way and at first took part in the contest the four national teams of British islands: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; later on, in 1910,France was added and more recently in 2000 Italy joined too.

Rugby, into the game

It is played during winter months. Each team plays just one match against the other teams without return match. So each team plays five matches, with the advantage to play at home another match that changes every year.
The win is worth 2 points, the draw one point and the defeat 0 points. The matches played in Rome are played into the Flaminio Stadium which smaller than other rugby stadium but offering a better view and placed in a very served and organized area (hotel, restoration services, etc).

Some really high level teams and important 6 Nations international matches are happening in Rome and many rugby fans are coming from all over Europe to enjoy the spectacular game. For a few weekends Rome is getting packed with Scots in kilts or with English sporting rugby shirts.

Italy play their Six Nations matches at the venue Stadio Flaminio, which is also used for football matches, close to the the larger Stadio Olimpico.

Italian Rugby Team

The Flaminio stadium is easily reached from Yes Hotel Rome.

From Termini station, where you will find most of Rome Transportation : Take Metro Line A and get off Flaminio . It is best to go on foot from there, count a good 15 minute walk, in order to avoid heavy traffic. Else from Piazzale Flaminio  take bus number 2 which heads to Via Flaminia, and get off at the Flaminio Stadium : its distinctive curving sides are visible on the right. 

Along the way you some bars near the stadium set up temporarily and from where the visitors can get their drinks. Although public drinking is not exactly appreciated in Italy polite visiting rugby fans are regarded with an interest, and especially the kilted Scots !

In 2007 Italy did very well by beating Wales, although they surrendered eventually to France. See here for 2006 and 2007 Rugby in Rome.

This year 2008 , next encounter will be on Saturday, March 15, 2008 and Italy (Azzuri) will play against Scotland  in a rugby union game which is going to be held at Stadio Flaminio ,Rome an it is part of the 6 Nations 2008.

Another game is South Africa vs Italy on June 16, 2008 and held in CapeTown.