Rome Marathon 2008

Rome Marathon at the Colosseum

The historic centre of the Eternal City will be the stage again of the mythical event of the Rome Marathon on March 16th . The marathon passes some of the most fascinating monuments and ancient areas in Rome, such as the Colosseum  and St Peter’s Basilica, the main synagogue and mosque in the Campo de Fiori and Jewish Ghetto area . A parallel competition for the disabled will take part the same day.


Rome Marathon in the Centre

The actual length of the route (42km 195m) was set for the first time in 1921. The departure was set on the Imperial Forum, right by the Roman Forum passing by Piazza Venezia, Teatro Marcello, the Imperial Forum, Trastevere, Piazza Navona. A stunning view for first time visitors and returning travellers too, those who never visited Rome or for those who already did! Since the very beginning, in the early years of the 20th century, the marathon has always been the most famous race on foot in Italy. The unforgettable Dorando Pietri on April 2nd 1906 triumphed in Piazza di Siena, where the Rome Horse Show takes place while during the following editions the winners were mainly African athletes, such as Abebe Bikila from Ethiopia who triumphant (and barefoot) won the Olympic Marathon in 1960, and the kenian-japanese Douglas Wakihuri, triumphant on 06th September 1960, defeating two acknowledged champions like Ahmed Saleh and Gelindo Bordin. In the female competition, Italian and Eastern women are the ones who gained far more victories.


Runners at the Rome Marathon The Rome Marathon is not only a race for professional athletes. As a tradition, Rome Stracittadina Fun Run is organized: a non – competitive route, this time reduced to only 4 km in order to foster the participation; more than a race is a walk where anyone ( grandparents, classmates, ..) can give their contribution.

Rome begins celebrating days before the actual big event with the  Marathon Village, an initiative that includes concerts, shows and meetings throughout the city, headquarters being in the Rome Eur Area. A section is dedicated to companies with meetings, press conferences and promotions.

It is a unique opportunity to share your passion, but also to sightsee Rome or just to have a tiring but fulfilling day! Obviously you will want to have a central and comfortable Rome Hotel such as our Yes Hotel Rome , located near the historical centre in easy reach on foot (ah !) or by public transport.

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