The Pantheon in Rome

The  Rome Pantheon is one of the greatest buildings of the World.
It was buid as a temple around 125 AD.
Later it has been used as a Catholic Church and it is still active as such.
The Pantheon is situated at Piazza della Rotonda in the historical centre of Rome.
Passing through the colonade people enter through a big bronze doors and after they see the huge circular room.The interior is with a cylinder shape and above the top is a perfect hemispherical dome.


Pantheon's inside view
The only natural light that enters is through the center of the dome and through the doors.
It is beautiful to observe as the sun moves different and intersting patterns of light illuminate the walls and floors , made of granite and yellow marble. 
The Pantheon is also known as Chiesa di Santa Maria ad Martyres.
Here are some facts about this amazig and precious historical and architectural achievment from ancient times:
It is tall 43 meters and wide 43 meters which makes its dome a perfect hemisphere.It is standing on a solid rig wall which is thick 7,5 meters.
It has been the largest dome in the world until Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence (1420-30)
The main alter of the church is opposite the entrance. The original 7-th century icon   of The Madonna and Child can be seen bove the alter.
There are monumental tobs build into the walls of the pantheon. One of them is of the artist Raphael-on the left side as you enter.  In the piazza outside the pantheon is a beautiful fountain with  an ancient Egyptian obelisk on the top of it which is erected by Pope Clement XI.

Pantheon Rome

Useful Tourist Information
The Pantheon is open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday.
On Sunday:from 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.
On holidays that fall on week days except Christmas Day,New Year’s Day and may 1 -closed.
There is NO admission to enter into the Pantheon.

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