I know, you’re coming to Rome and you are eagger to take a look at the
Colosseum and the Trevi’s fountain, the main attractions. But there’s
-yet another- extraordinary monument in Rome not known to everyone: the Pantheon.

The Pantheon was built a long time ago-125 AD, they say. But unlike
the colosseum is unbelievably well conserved. In fact, is maybe the
best preserved building of its age.
In other words, it’s definetely worth seeing.

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Originally the Pantheon was built as a temple for the seven planets, that were deities in the roman religion. From the 7th century the Pantheon has been used as a christian church, and some people even marry there nowadays.

What you will see is not just a monument, but also an outstanding construction. In fact, the Pantheon holds the record for the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the history of architecture, and still today is puzzling to try to understand how this structure has been able to stand for centuries. This has been possible in part for certain tricks of architecture like the central opening you’ll surely notice in the dome, but the real secret is the roman concrete (of composition unknown to us) used to build it.

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Just in case you don’t find all this that intersesting, the Pantheon houses also the tomb of the great painter Raffaello di Sanzio (Raphael, for his english-speaking friends) who besides of giving his name to one of the ninja turtles also painted some of the most celebrated works of art of the italian renaissence.

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This historical wonder is very easy to find if you’re staying in the Yes Hotel. Take the buses 64 or 40 from termini to Piazza Navona (the square with two magnificent fountains, one of them with an obelisk in the middle) and once you’re there follow the signs or ask a local for the Pantheon. The streets in that area are crooked and narrow but if you keep asking you won’t get lost.