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Sightseeing in Roma…

Sightseeing in RomaWhen in Rome you have a majority of choices with regards to sightseeing because situated in Rome are a few agencies, which offer a variety of sightseeing activities and tours.
Companies such as Green Line, offer various information tours around Rome. You can select tours such as: Classical Rome, This tour offers through the historic centres of Rome, such as Fontana Di Trevi, La Colonna Di Marco Aurelio. Piazza Navona and also St Peters Basilica. Other tours include Imperial Rome, Vatican Museum. Christian Rome tours.
  Ancient Ostia  You can also book tours which will take you a little further out side the city of Rome,Such as Tivoli. Ancient Ostia, Castelli Romani, which usually tend take up most of the day so it is always advised to take all necessities with you.
 Most hotels have packages where this maybe included or even offer a service where they are able to make reservation for these tours.
 Many tourists in Rome prefer to-do the sightseeing themselves and use public transportation to get around the city, in this case it is profitable to know that, from the main station in Rome, “Termini you can take buses 40 and 64 which will take through the centre of the city, which will take you very close to the Vatican. What you can do is get off at Piazza Venezia, and circle the area; you will find most of the open historic sites within that circle. It should take you roughly one hour to see the sites, which obviously depend on how long you wish to spend at each site. Alternatively both metro lines will take you to the reaming sites in the city.
Termini Station  

Trick or Treat?

HalloweenItaly did not have a Halloween tradition as such but it has been making amazing progress over the past 8 years. Halloween is surpassing the well-known Italian holiday. A large majority of Italians would like to see Halloween become a national holiday in Italy, but still many disagree with its meaning and roots. In 2006, it was suspected that  250 million Euros was spent on Halloween parties and accessories,  which was 20% more than in 2005.Halloween is the time of year where both kids and adults  dress up, go out and throw confetti and play innocent practical jokes on everyone, It runs for  about one week. In Italy they make cakes in the shape of beans. These cakes are called Beans of the Dead. In Southern Italy families prepare a special feast for the souls of the departed on All Souls’ Day. The families would set the table with a bountiful meal. Then they would all go to church to pray for the souls of the deceased. They stayed there all day, leaving their home open so that the spirits could enter and enjoy the feast.                                                         Halloween                                          

For Italians it’s really not the meaning behind Halloween that means something, it’s just an excuse to have another ‘Festa. Halloween in Italy is not just for kids, though. Oct. 31 is undoubtedly a good excuse to party — the day after Italians are on official holiday for All Saints celebrations. Billboards abound for a foreign beer company, hailing itself as the ‘official sponsor of Halloween,’ and night clubs throughout Italy are hosting costume parties. Ties to the local culture aren’t always excluded — adults will party all night while they relive medieval traditions in Grazzano Visconti (province of Piacenza), including a re-enactment of the legend of the town’s famous ghost seems as that the night of the living dead will likely become a permanent fixture in Italy. The Halloween seems to have sparked more initiatives around traditional Italian customs and On Nov. 2, the day Italians honour the dead.

Come and visit Rome if you want a new taste of Halloween, but before booking flights do take a look at accomendations in Rome.