Santa Maria Maggiore Rome

 St Mary Major

There are 4 major churches in Rome, which are in order of importance : St John in Lateran, St Peter’s,  St Paul outside the walls and St Mary Major.

St Mary Major, in italian “Santa Maria Maggiore” is close by our My Hotel Rome, about 5 minutes on foot only, and also near the Coliseum : Where Via Fori Imperiali joins Via Cavour take left on Via Cavour and walk all the way up and you will not miss the Basilica, about 500 metres ahead on your right.

The church used to bear the name of St Mary of the Snow (in italian “Santa Maria della Neve”)  due to the fact that Pope Liberio, during 4th century , had a revelation in a dream that it would be snowing overnight over the church.

The inner walls have beautiful mosaic designs depicting episodes from the Old testament and the bell tower, built in 1370 is 76 metres tall which is actually the tallest in Rome.

The church is located on the hill Esquiline one of the seven hills of Rome. 


Italian food

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