Romantic Rome

What to do in the most romantic city in the world?


A question that can be easily answered. Just walk down any Roman street and you will quickly see that Rome is the most romantic city in the world.  Everyday you will see couples hand in hand, staring into each others eyes, kissing a whispering “Ti amo” from dusk till dawn. Many come to Rome for romantic vacations, such as honeymoons, wedding proposals, and anniversaries. Between gorgeous lookouts, intimate piazzas, panoramic bars, and the general ardour of the natives, Rome is one sprawling romantic setting.
There are many romantic things you can do. You can take your lover for a gentle row around Villa Borghese’s idyllic lake, surrounded by trees and temples. Boats can be rented from 9:30am to sunset daily. Getting there is not difficult. Simply take Buses 116 and 490 from Termini station.


The Pincio is also worth a visit if you are on holiday with your special someone.The Pincio gardens have secluded corners, umbrella pine bowers, and spectacular stone balustrades overlooking the rooftops of the centre of the city and across to St. Peter’s. Recommended during the lingering glow of sunset, or at night. To get to the Pincio just take the metro line A in the direction of Battistini and get off at metro stop Flaminio.



Another place to go that can’t be left out would definetly be Ponte Milvio. Get hold of your padlock chain it to the bridge and throw the key away to make sure you will be together forever. 


Campidoglio hill is also definetly one of the most beautiful settings at night. With it’s beautiful intricate design imbedded in the piazza and overlooking Piazza Venezia and the Roman Forum you can’t go wrong with this one. After a Romantic day and a romantic day together, the best thing to do is come back to a beautiful hotel.