Do As Romans Do

While you are in Rome for your holiday unwind a bit and relax. Here are a couple of suggestions and ways that might help you adjust and get used to doing things the Roman way for a while.


The first thing you should do is lose all sense of time and forward planning. Throw your itinerary out of the window and go on an adventure. Have fun getting lost and discovering something new. Don’t follow the crowd all the time. Go off track and down some old beaten path and you may find a few surprises. If you manage to do this you will enjoy Rome a lot more because this is how the city is.


Take a stroll along the Tevere and go have a good look around the Forum and old market areas. Take your time don’t rush and sample all the ice cream and pizza to your hearts content. Sit down and have a coffee or a glass of limoncello and live the good life for a while. Rome is a city that is meant to be discovered by walking. All the sites are close enough to get to on foot and its also a lot cheaper doing it this way too. Plus you will also have an excuse to treat yourself to lunch at the many restaurants in the nice side streets running off from all the piazzas after you have worked up an appetite.


There is so much to see in this city that you could spend a life time here. As you casualy walk down the many streets and into the piazzas there will always be something that will catch your eye and will pique your curiosity. Be lead by your eyes and not by a piece of paper. Go where your curiosity leads you. You can also relax in one of the many parks found in Rome and make like the locals and lounge around on the grass or spend some quality time with that someone special. Don’t overlook the romantic side of the city. There are many quiet spots to go to and lots of perfect settings to have dinner or an afternoon drink and watch the sun set over the ancient skyline with its many beautiful buildings.


 caffe.jpgRome is also a great place to go to to have a really good party. The district of San Lorenzo is always alive with its students who always have time to party and socialise. The beach at Ostia is also only a 55 minute train ride away. The remains of the aniceint port of Ostia ar also really close. So you can always do a bit of sight seeing and then closer to the evening head of to a bar or club and paint the town red.

Rome is not just a city with a whole bunch of old ruins. It is still very much alive and is buzzing with activity. There is plenty to do and see for the whole family and it is full of activities for the young and old. You will never forget your holiday in Rome and you will be retelling your holiday stories for a long time afterwards.

Good advice to stick to in Rome good location. Whilst on Holiday it is worth while searching for accomendation based close to Termini station. From Termini you are able to travel all around Rome, and also take trains to other cities around Italy.