Jazz in Rome

Jazz is the American invention that Europeans love the most. Every big city in the old continent has places dedicated to jazz, and the Ethernal City can’t be an exception.

roberto gatto jazz roma
A beautiful villa confiscated to the roman mafia became the jazz house at initiative of Rome ‘s open-minded major, Walter Veltroni. Here you’ll enjoy jazz from a different perspective: not in the crowded streets of Chicago or New Orleans, but in an immense house surrounded by a flawlessly kept garden.

Gianmarco Giuliani
The jazz house has its own recording studio, a library and, of course, an auditorium where the best Italian jazzists play frequently. And if you want to please all your senses you’ll find there also a restaurant.

La casa del jazz is open from Monday to Friday from 10 A.M. until 18:00 A.M. If you are going to stay in the Yes Hotel Rome, you can reach it easily with the blue subway line: just get off at piramide station and look for Viale di Porta Ardeatina 55.
For further information you can visit La Casa del jazz web site, (available only in Italian) to check the next concerts and even the menu of the restaurant!

Casa del Jazz

Via de Porta Ardeatina 55

Phone:06 704731