What to try, whilst in Rome!

Crepes are very very good, You can get them at most pizzerias and gellaterias. They look like pancakes and they are made in a very similar way. The mixture is poured onto a flat round plate that has a lid which is pressed down onto it for a few minutes. It smells absolutely great while it is being cooked.

Then after the crepe has been made you have a variety of toppings which can be spread onto it. Of course the only one imaginable which could possibly be good enough for this would be the best chocolate spread in the world, Nutella. The crepe is then folded and has sugar sprinkled on top of it. It is then handed to you warm for you to enjoy.

Crepes crepes.jpg

You really have to have one of these. Crepes are best enjoyed after a few slices of some really good pizza while waiting for your bus to come pick you up. One crepe is enough for one person and the price is around 3 and half euros. The other things you can have with it are strawberry jam, marmalade and I think I saw apricot and blackberry too.

The pizzeria that I went to was just down the road from Piazza Navona and its open really late. To get back to Termini is really easy as there is a night bus which stops on the other side of the street.