Modern art in Rome: Trash people

If you’re staying in Rome during the last week of March, 21st-29th March, there will be an interesting and quite spectacular out-doors art exhibition to admire: the Trash people of Trash peopleHa Schult, an artist who from the 1970’s has continued to create art out of garbage. Schult’s Trash people have been touring the world’s major cities since 1996.

The artefact consists of 1000 natural sized human figures made of compressed garbage, such as cans, computer kay boards, card board boxes. The Trash people are meant to demonstrate in provocative tones how much we consume and throw away each and every day.

Trash people: art in RomeUntil now, the Trash people have already been exhibited for example in Xanten, in Paris, and in the Red Square of Moscow, and one exemplar of the artefact has even participated a space trip of the NASA! Now from 21st March they will be seen in Rome, in the magnificent Piazza del Popolo, Popolo Square in the city center bearing their message to yet another enthuastic public.

The venue of the exhibition, Piazza del Popolo, is located in the Rome centre, in the end of a famous shopping street (isn’t that irony…), and can be reached for example by the metroline A (stop Flaminio).

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