Roman Theatre

Here in the Eternal City thrives a vast array of theatre still providing the eternally classic entertainment as the performances once enjoyed by the ancestors of Italian culture. Theatrical plays, opera, and dance illuminate the stages of beautiful Roman theatre. After a typical day of walking the city and sight-seeing, an evening at the theatre seated in the surroundings of an elaborately decorated theatre will surely be a delightful experience. Some of the more frequented theatre in Rome are Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Teatro Eliseo, Chiesa All Saints, and Teatro Politeama Brancaccio.


The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma offers a variety of brilliant shows set in one of the most beautiful classic restored theatre, for a list of current operas click the link above. This theatre is also in collaboration with the school of dance, and therefore the students often organize unique performances. Ticket prices range from 17,00 to 130,00 euro with discounts for seniors, students, and groups. This theatre is a 5-minute stroll from the Yes Hotel.

theatreThe Teatro Eliseo is a special blend of theatre, art, and culture; also offering a cafè to quench your thirst while you are absorbing artistic beauty and perhaps listening to a bit of live music. This theatre is another one of the revived Roman theatre with an interesting history. The Eliseo group also sponsors many special events. One will certainly find something tantilizing to each particular taste by exploring their website. Located in the center of Rome, it is easy to arrive while you are comfortably lodging at the three star My Hotel.

The Chiesa All Saints specializes in opera and musical performances put on by the Italian Accadamy of Opera, for further information visit their website. This theatre is unique in that it was converted from a immaculate church and provides amazing accoustics. Therefore one may be breath-taken by the surroundings in addition to the elaborate costumes and talented musicians. Hotel Rome Des Artistes offers the convenience of making reservations for these shows.spettacolo

The Teatro Politeama Brancaccio is another popular theatre in Rome located in the center close to the Nice Hotel. This theatre offers a selection of plays somewhat more modern, fun, and light-hearted such as musicals, comedy, drama, and children fantasy.

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