Transportation in Rome

Rome Public Transport :Rome Airports, Rome Metro and Buses
In Rome Italy there are two international airports : “Ciampino� and “Fiumicino�.

Metro RomeCiampino is where most low cost companies fly to and from.It is situated 20 kms south east of Rome along the Appian Way and close to Castelgandolfo. You will be able to get to Termini station and your discount hotel Yes Hotel Rome easily by shuttle bus that leaves every 40 mins after a flight landing.

Fiumicino, also known as Leonardo Da Vinci, is the main Rome airport and is located by the seaside 35 kms north west of the city centre, close to Ostia Antica. You will reach Rome city centre in 30 mins by direct train that leaves from inside the airport.
Rome AirportsMetro (underground train)
In Rome the Metro is the fastest form of transportation around the city. The main Station in Rome for both Metro and Railway services is Termini. The railway platform has been in use since 1864.
The Termini Railway Station is situated in the centre of the city of Rome and is open from 4 am to 1 am
From termini station you are able to travel to any part of Italy.
To simplify things even more, there are only two lines in Rome, Line A (Red Line) and Line B (Blue Line)
Rome AirportsTermini is connected to both lines. Termini station is surrounded by many good value hotels such as My Hotel Rome which is only 10 minutes walk from the station. There is a Non-Stop train Service for the transport from Fiumicino Airport to Roma Termini and back.
For those who are new to Italy, you may find that the procedure may be a little different, especially those who are travelling from London. All journey tickets must be purchased prior boarding.
You must purchase a single or return ticket from a tobacconist or newsagent. Tickets cost as little as one Euro and are valid 75 minutes. If you stay over a few days then a weekly pass is advisable, and in order to make the most of Rome we suggest you get a Roma Pass so you can visit museums of your choice too.