Street market in Rome

flea-market romeSome come to Rome for the tourist sites and name-brand shopping, however strolling amung the italians and bargaining with street vendors is a different view into Roman life. Between the antique arches of Port San Giovanni and the modern three-story department store Coin lays a street, Via Sannio, daily lined with street vendors until 2:00 in the afternoon, besides Sunday.

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Here along Via Sannio the daily market of San Giovanni is a prime location to find a myriad of treasures and inexpensive goodies and is conveniently placed near Nice Hotel where luxury and budget are also ‘nice’-ly blended. The assortment of booths offered through the market lend to everyone’s desires of bargains. There are typical items such as cheap knock-off brand name sunglasses and purses along the street. Several booths are crowded with shoes of every style, from cheap, comfy to stylish, name-brand. A couple booths are tucked into the rows leading into the market where artists offer their hand-made objects; for example, one artist who makes on-site his uniquely designed leather items: purses, belts, street market romejewelry and accessories. A majority of the booths where the outgoing vendors call out offering assistance to all passerbys have jeans, sweatshirts, and t-shirts hanging from the tented roof and covering nearly all open space. Nevertheless, if you are not looking for casual clothing, continue along the earth path to the very back where long tables are piled high with second-hand items for as little as 1 euro. And for those of you with higher quality taste, leather jackets are sold for excellent prices. As for those of you with cultural taste, there are several booths containing imported items of jewelry, clothing, and accessories. In addition, basic items may be found such as sewing supplies, socks, undergarments, books, and some household goods. Remember to bring cash and your bargaining spirit.

Arriving at this market is extremely easy, from Yes Hotel Romel walk to Termini 2 blocks, take underground Metro A and exit San Giovanni, to see the specific location on the Rome map click here. Although, if you prefer to ride the bus in order to watch the outside activities, bus 714 and 16 from Termini station will take you directly to the port of San Giovanni. For further tourist and accomodation information, please visit our hotels in Rome portal