Smart Shopping in Rome Italy

Shopping RomeAlthough most people don’t really think of Via Cavour or the surrounding areas as a place to go shopping, the prices and quality are really decent and only steps away from Yes hotel Rome or Des Artistes accommodation in Rome. Down Via Cavour there are quite a few small clothes shops. Most of these sell belts, ties, shirts, jackets, pants and shoes.
The prices are usually quite reasonable. You can expect to pay between 10 and 15 euros for a 100 % cotton shirt. If the quality is a bit higher around 20 to 25 euros. Pants are pretty cheap too around 27 euro for wool pants.
Most of your money usually gets spent on shoes. However in Via Filipo Turati you will find loads of shops almost all devoted to clothing. Shoes are as low as 25 euros and jeans will also cost as much. Don’t expect to find well known brand clothing here, just the normal everyday street wear or casual clothing.
Another great place to go shopping for clothes is at Upim. There is one in Via Giovanni Giolitti. Just on the Via dei Condotti Romeother side of Termini Station and another one located near Santa Maria Maggiore. This is a decent clothing department store. They have everything from casual clothes, children’s clothes and work wear. The prices are pretty reasonable too.
The only articles of clothing I would suggest you buy from the street vendors are the ties. They are pretty, cheap around 5 to 7 euros, depending on where you go. There is nothing wrong with them. I bought three myself and they have a variety of great colours too, and same with the hand bags : plenty of choice from trendy to more classic.
Shopping in Rome doesn’t always have to be super expensive and the clothes don’t have to be adorned in every brand name imaginable and until end of january sales are on. After you have bought your basic clothes in some of the cheaper shops you may have some money left over to get the one expensive accessory in Via Del Corso (high street fashion) or Via Dei Condotti (exclusive couturier shops) located near our Bed and Breakfast De Cappuccini