Imperial Forum Rome

Imperial forum

Any traveler who comes to the Eternal City will want to visit this must see ancient area steps away from the Coloseum and Piazza Venezia and the San Clemente Basilica and along the street of the same name “via dei fori imperiali”.

The Imperial Forums were originally large squares with porticos around them and bearing a statue of the Emperor in the middle. They were markets and places of meeting for the citizens of that time. The forums are various and to name a few only : Forum of Trajan and the Forum of Augustus. The Caesar’s Forum is probably the most famous and here rest Caesar’s ashes. Not far away stands the Temple of Venere Genitrice (Mother Venus), the mother of Enea whom Caesar claimed to be descended. Steps away you will see another temple, the Temple of Mars Ultor which was planned by Augustus and represented a warning when his adoptive father Julius Caesar died.

Imperial Forum

The Trajan’s column high 40 metres recount various victories during the war of Dacia (now Romania) all sculpted on its surface. The Trajan Markets around were used for services and distribution. Not far away stands the Palatine Hill and the Capitole on the other side where you can enjoy the wonderful Capitoline Museums.

The Imperial forums are open until dusk and you can get there by metro from Termini station on line B, and they are only 2 stops away. Our hotel Yes hotel is by the Termini station so that all great sights of the city are within easy reach.