Bernini in Rome

Apollo and Dafne

Bernini is one of the most famous italian artists of the 17th century and Rome is literally full of his works. Here are some of the major monuments in Rome which were built or embellished by Bernini:

The wonderful Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps), from which B&B De Cappuccini is close by, bears one of his masterpieces : the fountain called “La Barcaccia” (the rotten boat) stands proudly at the bottom of the steps. By the way, The Spanish Steps are named after the Embassy of Spain which was the first stable european Embassy based in Rome.

Scipione BorgheseOnly minutes away stands the Porta del Popolo, off Piazza del Popolo, which was finished by Bernini and in the Church Santa Maria del Popolo, for instance, the angels and the lamp are his work.

In St Peters square the arcades (“colonnato”) are also a reminder of the very importance and grandeur of Bernini.

And, last but not least the Galleria Borghese near the American Embassy in Rome also has a mark of his great work : The sculptures of Apollo and Dafne and the bust of Scipione Borghese.

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