Typical Roman Food

Planning a winter break in Rome? Or your summer holidays? It doesn’t really matter when you travel, the important thing to get the most out of it is: when in Rome, do Pastaas the Romans do, right? So what do the Romans eat? Well, pasta and pizza, of course, but the answer is not that simple…

In Italy, it’s not just spaghetti with meat balls, but you can find dozens of different forms of pasta: spaghetti, fettuccine, bucatini, penne, fusilli, farfalle… And with hundreds of different sauces: ragù, sugo di pomodori, pesto, arrabbiata, boscaiola, porcini mushrooms… Some of them are sort of national, eaten in all of Italy, like the classical tomato sauce or pesto, but many are regional and local delicacies. So which are the roman specialities?Roman food: Bucatini all'amatriciana

Well, some of the most famously Roman pasta dishes are the spaghetti carbonara (actually invented on the basis of the egg powder and bacon brought to the locals by American soldiers during the World War II!) and the bucatini all’amatriciana, both with the delicious Italian bacon, pancetta. Then especially in the winter there’s the hearty “pasta ai fagioli�, pasta witRoman bruschettah beans.

And it’s not just pasta, of course! As starters, the Romans love to have “bruschetta�: a kind of toast with garlic, quality olive oil, and then on top of it almost anything you want, but most tipically sliced tomatoes. Also the “supplì� fried rice balls with mozzarella filling, are absolutely worth trying!

As to second courses, a delicacy not to miss is the “saltimbocca�, literally “jump in the mouth� (probRoman pecorino cheeseably called so because it’s so good!), which consists of slices of veal and prosciutto ham, cooked in marsala wine with leaves of sage. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the “trippa�, the traditional triple stew… For side dish, a tipical choice would be artichokes, “carciofi�, cooked “alla romana� with butter and salt, or “alla giudia�, deliciously crunchy with garlic and parsleRoman local winey.

As a Roman dessert, try the “crostata con la ricotta�, a sort of a sweet and crusty cheese cake or the “torta della nonna�. Also the local cheeses, such as the tasty “pecorino romano� are good and popular desserts.

To drink you should choose any of the local wines form the Castelli Romani area, white or red, popular in all Italy.

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