Rome Tour of the Fountains

Fontana del Moro

These are absolutely everywhere in Rome. In every piazza and open space in Rome. They are all magnificent works of art. A good way to see the city is to plan your route along the locations of the main or most well known fountains. So lets begin the tour with the fountain located closest to the Yes hotel Rome. In Piazza della Repubblica you can find the Fountain of the Naiads. Naiads are nymphs who protect the ocean, lakes, rivers and he underground. This fountain was completed at the end of the 19th century. However, because the statues of the nymphs were considered too risqué, it was only switched on a year later in 1900.

Fontana del TritoneThe next fountain on the list, Fontana del Tritone, is located in Piazza Barberini, a couple of minutes away from our central Rome B&Bs This triton in this fountain is seated on two valves which are supported by four dolphins. This fountain was sculpted in honour of Urbanus the VIII by Bernini. The fountain was moved to its current position because of the enlargement of Via del Tritone. It used to be situated at the beginning of Via Due Macelli.

Now it is off to Piazza di Spagna and the beautiful Spanish Steps to the next fountain, from which accomodation Jonella is only a few steps away. Fontana della Barcaccia was sculpted by Bernini and his father, Pietro. They were inspired by the flooding of the Tevere in 1588. The flood was devastating and destroyed many homes. After the waters had subsided, a small flat bottomed boat was found in the mud used to rescue people. They took this boat and used it as the symbol of surviving the flood.Fontana del Pantheon

A stroll down Via dei Condotti for fashion lovers, and onto Via del Corso will take you to Piazza del Popolo. The main feature of this fountain is the obelisk that was brought back to Rome in 10 BC under the order of Augustus. A fountain was previously in the square until the addition of the four Egyptian style lions around the obelisk caused it to be removed to Piazza Nicosia.

A walk along the Tevere and across Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II will take you into Vatican City. You are then on your way to Piazza San Pietro. There are two huge 14 metre high fountains in this piazza. One was made in 1613 by Carlo Maderno and the other was constructed in 1677 by Carlo Fontana. Both of them are made of eastern granite.

Fontana di TreviNow saving one of the best and most well known fountains in Rome, if not the world, for last. Fontana di Trevi is built on the back of Palazzo Poli. It was built by Salvi in 1735. the basin of the fountain was built with money collected from the taxes on wine. This fountain is extremely detailed and beautiful. Don’t forget to throw a coin and drink the water to insure you return to Rome. This fountain is great to see during the day and at night when it is illuminated.

Of course there are hundreds of fountains dotted throughout the city and this is just an idea of a basic tour you can do by yourself and expand on it if you want to see more.