Combined history Rome

Costantine Arch

You may be overwhelmed by the list of things to see in Rome. Fortunately, the Yes Hotel Rome is located close to the historical centre. This enables you to explore the city in a more historically sequential order. You can start by taking a leisurely walk down to the Colosseum. From there you are virtually a stone throw away from the Roman Forum and the Trajan Market. The Arch Of Constantine and the Circus Maximus is also nearby.


When you start to explore the outskirts of the city you then encounter a “younger� Rome. Think of the Mussolini building in the business district of the Eur. The styles of architecture change from Renaissance to Gothic and Baroque. Statues are visible everywhere and Bernini’s fountains are also in abundance. There are many churches dating from these periods that display works of the masters such as Michelangelo, Leonardo,Raphael and Caravaggio to name but a few. There are also many museums that have other great works of art on display and these are located in numerous locations throughout the city. And if you want to make the most of the museums at discounted rates then you should consider purchasing the Roma Pass.

Il Vittoriano

Another interesting place to visit is the Vittoriano monument. Located in Piazza Venezia, it also houses the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier and the Museum Of The Risorgimento, which has the historical exploits of Garibaldi and the other Italians that unified Italy into the country that it is today, on display.
Rome has many different types of history. Military, religious ,architectural ,art and economical. These all tie in with each other and are visible from Classical, Medieval to Renaissance and just about any other periods that exist. There is a piece of history for everyone in Rome. Whether you love the history of epic battles, the subtleties of politics or the more gentile pursuits of art.