The American Embassy in Rome

american-ambassador-ronald-spogli.bmpSo you came to Rome to see the city where your great grandfather was born and to visit a few cousins and the rest of the family. You are enjoying your stay so much that you have decided to stay longer.

Well now you have to find out how to do it and where you have to go. A very useful place of course would be the American embassy. Located on Vittorio Veneto 121, a street made famous by the director Federico Fellini, who used this street in many of his films. For contact information also see here.

The embassy could not be in a more perfect location. The beautiful parks of the Villa Borghese are nearby, as is Piazza Di Spagna (Spanish steps), Piazza Del Popolo and the shopping street Via Del Corso. You could turn your trip to the embassy into a wonderful walk. Exploring all the sites that Rome has to offer.

A couple of pointers before you go off to your embassy for that important appointment. No bags, suitcases or any kind of backpacks are allowed in the embassy under any circumstances. That however won’t be a problem because they can be left at the hotel anyway so you don’t have to worry about that. The best place to stay, should you have any business to take care of at the embassy, would of course be the bed&breakfast De Cappuccini just around the corner!

Take all the necessary paperwork and documents with you because the embassy is only open from 8:30 till 12:30 weekdays for U.S. Citizen Services. You don’t want to have to miss your appointment because of a piece of paper. The services that the embassy offers are also very good they have lists of English speaking professionals in Rome that can offer their services.

The following services offered in English are: doctors and hospitals, lawyers and notaries, tax consultants and official translators.

If you decide, however, that a Roman holiday is enough for your and you don’t necessarily want to live in rome, try booking your accomodation in the sofisticated new Yes Hotel near the Termini station.