Precautions in Rome

Ponte Sant'Angelo

As with most big cities there are certain precautions which must be taken. In Rome, the major problem is petty theft. Most notable are the numerous incidents of pick pocketing especially in central Rome. As per usual the tourists are the targets.

The main hot spots for such activity will usually be the heavily tourist trafficked areas but the other places where close attention should be paid is at Termini station and on the metro and the buses which run from Termini station.

Termini Station

This central area attracts lots of people and is easy reach. Yes Hotel Rome is located in the Termini area in walking distance from major sights and close to the American Embassy and British Embassy.

If you have a money belt, use it. If you don’t have a money belt get one. Make sure that you leave any valuables and necessities in the safes provided by the hotel. Leave just enough euros in your pocket for the odd ice cream or pizza. Keep the rest in your money belt. Wear jackets with pockets on the front of them and do not keep anything in your back pockets, especially your pants.


Don’t take anything with you like passports or credit cards unless you are specifically doing something that involves using them, such as shopping. You will not know something has been taken until you need it. These thieves are really good and know what they are doing.

Plan ahead and decide where you are going to keep your various belongings. Be aware of the crowds and where your things are and you will be fine. You don’t want the hassle and the worry of losing your belongings to spoil your holiday. Robbery is a widespread plague in all major cities all over the world and only the few unlucky have the misfortune to go through this.