Hints and Tips

Tipical Roman fountain

When in Rome do as the Romans do. Yes, you can drink from the fountains, the water is quite safe. It is very fresh and comes from the original aqueducts built to supply the ancient city. So grab a bottle and fill it up when you see a fountain. You can find them almost everywhere.

Fountain of romeIf you want to find a nice local place to eat then steer clear of the really touristy areas in Rome if you are on a budget. You don’t have to go to far down the little alleys and you will find many Rome-restaurants. Go where you don’t hear any English spoken and where you see no “menu turistico� signs. Alternatively you can go grab some take away from a pizza bar if you don’t want to sit down. Don’t worry if the place doesn’t look ultra modern and the décor is not up to scratch. Remember you are there to eat, drink and be merry. Who cares what the place looks like. As long as the food is good and the price is reasonable.Walk in Rome

Another thing that you can do is walk. If you have enough time and are in the city for a few days then there is no better way to see the city. It will also help you work up a good appetite something which can easily be satisfied in Rome. All that remains is to find the perfect accommodation to complete your stay here in the city, Yes hotel is a reputable 3 star hotel in the heart of Rome. The quality and prices are unbeatable so check our their online availability and price checker to get planning your roman holiday today.