A must do in Rome


A great idea for spending a day in Rome is to try an ice cream (gelato) from as many gelaterias in Rome that you can. The best and most extraordinary flavour in my opinion is pistacchio which you can find in my favorite ice cream parloir San Crispino, close to the Spanish steps and our B&B Jonella. Bright green in colour and not hard to miss amongst the myriad of flavours available. Eating ice cream is also really convenient because you can always walk around and search for the next gelateria or look at some of the most breath taking scenery you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Cono Ice cream is available in cones or cups. If you are not a fast eater and are prone to ice cream headaches then a cup is definitely advisable. There is definitely a flavour to cater for every taste and you wont find ice cream like this anywhere else in the world. You can also have chocolate sauce, cream and a wafer added to your ice cream. So this can be a meal all on its own. It is fresh, creamy, without preservatives and is made on the premises.

Go on give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.