Valentine’s Day – Weekend Breaks in Rome and romantic accommodation.

Valentine's Day in Rome

Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2007, the day for those in love! There is no better way than saying those 3 magic words ‘I love you’ than with a trip away to the eternal city, one of the most romantic cities in Europe. With it’s array of fountains and picturesque piazzas Rome really does have a lot to offer all of those couples looking for the ideal break away.
Italy is the great home of many a great lover including the likes of Casanova and Rome and Juliet, and forming the wonderful backdrop for Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck’ Roman Holiday,with the Italian charm and ambience your Valentine’s Day is sure to be unforgettable…Not convinced ? read more and what you and your loved one can enjoy with a stay in the capital of romanticism.
So what does Rome have to offer that makes it so fascinating and romantic ?

Valentine's Day 2007The eternal city is a goldmine of churches with St. Peters being certainly the most renowned. Located in the Vatican city the church holds an astounding number of pieces of artwork and frescoes. The size and space is astounding, great artists include Bernini and Michelangelo and their work is proudly displayed throughout the church including the famous ‘La Pieta’ by Michelangelo. A trip to the Vatican city would not be complete without visiting the great Vatican museums and the dome itself (not for vertigo sufferers) from where the entire of Rome unfolds before your very eyes….. It really doesn’t get more romantic than that!

Spanish Steps – The gathering spot for the most beautiful people of Rome. Men and women often frequented this area hoping to be chosen as an artists model. Although times have changed this area has remained a famous meeting point and often the stairs are covered in people meeting up and soaking up the wonderful atmosphere that is the Spanish Steps. For a real treat why not try the Babbington tea rooms for a relaxing afternoon or the famous Cafè Greco on Vie Del Condotti to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Whatever your choice this area is especially romantic during the easter months when the stairs are completely covered in the most vibrant flowers possible.

It is recommended that your love be sealed at the Trevi Fountain, a marvellous fountain of immense dimensions it is highly recommended to visit it after sunset whereby you will find this wonderful piece of renaissance art illuminated. As tradition goes a coin must be thrown into the fountain to ensure your return to Rome – maybe for your next anniversary! Or why not consider this a place fitting for that special proposal, it certainly makes the ideal backdrop! Don’t forget that you must throu 2 coins to fall in love and 3 to be married in the eternal city……..

Getting married in the eternal city is also a wonderful idea and perfect for those wedding album snaps! You will be spoilt for choice with Rome housing some of the most beautiful curches worldwide or you may even opt for a civil service at the stunning Campidoglio with spectacular views of the Roman Forum. Yes Hotel would be pleased to accommodate you and your wedding party so contact us today for more information on how you can make your dream come true.
St. Valentine’s Day – The history of the this special day

Valentine's Day in Yes Hotel in RomeWhen one thinks of Valentine’s Day images of flowers, candy and chocolate spring to mind, but for what reason? There is a great deal of mystery surrounding this special day. Many a legend has been formed with probably the most prominent explaining that during the third century a priest by the name of Valentine who was sentenced to death having defied the regulations of Emperor Claudius who forbid all young men to marry (believing that a young man made a better soldier if he were not married!) Priest Valentine continued to perform the sacred act of marriage in secret and paid for his defiance in the worst possible way. However this is just one legend and although with precision we do not know the exact account we do know that the patron saint of Valentine’s Day was a heroic figure and the perfect icon for this romantic day.

Valentine’s Day is a special celebration and what better way to celebrate than with the perfect destination and accommodation in rome city centre. Yes Hotel is a brand new hotel that offers a real romantic getaway in the city of love. Rooms have rich fabrics, soft lighting and are all completely new. This 3 star hotel in central rome has the added bonus of offering romantic accommodation at an exceptionally reasonable price, allowing you money to spend on special meals in local trattoria’s and restaurants. So why not contact Yes Hotel today to check their special offers for your trip, they would be more than happy to place a complimentary bottle of bubbly in your room to begin what is sure to be a fantastic break away.